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The Leg It Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

What a week of sport we had this past week - so much to get through!!

  • The Postman delivered again on the boxing
  • The boxing talent at Everton Red Triangle
  • This week's boxing
  • Tennis bans
  • The Derby
  • Everton's relegation chances
  • Liverpool's trophy hopes
  • United's dead wood
  • Klopp's contract

Apr 25, 2022

Mike Winnet sold his business for 8 million after less than 3 years and he talks us through the whole process and the challenges that come with owning a succesful business. 

He has since launced a new business aimed at exposing people who are trying to rip you off with online courses.

*This was recorded in...

Apr 22, 2022

So good to be back!

Big week of sport, with our main focus on:

Fury v Wilder

Boxing Corruption

Premier League action

We talked a lot about a little this week, but it's a belter!

Apr 18, 2022

Using a prison sentence to re-evaluate his life, Mick has now taken on some of the world's toughest mountaineering routes, with loads of other potential death defying challenges along the way .

World Renowned Streaker - Mark Roberts

Apr 11, 2022

Mark Roberts has streaked at all of the major sports events across the globe. From Superbowls to European Finals to Crufts, he has done it all and lived to tell the tale.