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The Leg It Podcast

Jul 19, 2021

Les Jackson Joined us on the podcast this week, to share the heartbreaking story of his son Tom Jackson who was murdered whilst traveling in Australia.

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The below is taken from Wikipedia about the 2016 Home Hill Stabbings.


On 23 August 2016, Smail Ayad, a 29-year-old French national, carried out a stabbing attack at a backpackers' hostel in Home Hill, Queensland, Australia. The attack caused the death of two people and a dog, and left one person injured.[1] It was alleged that Ayad used the Arabic phrase "Allahu akbar" both during the attack and his arrest,[2] and while police had ruled out any links to extremism, they were still investigating whether he had a romantic interest in victim Mia Ayliffe-Chung.[3] Police have indicated Ayad had used cannabis on the night of the attack.[4] He also sang the French national anthem during the attack.[5][6] On 25 August 2016, Ayad was charged with the crimes of murder, attempted murder, serious animal cruelty and serious assault.[7] On 27 October 2016, Ayad's trial was adjourned to Mental Health Court, as a result of determining a preliminary diagnosis of schizophrenia.[8] This diagnosis was confirmed by the Mental Health Court on 5 April 2018, resulting in the criminal charges being dropped and an order was made to detain him in The Park Centre for Mental Health in Brisbane for treatment.[9]